(Talk of the monthly biology of being a woman ahead).

Tomorrow is a big day for me. And really I should be in bed in like 4 hours to get a full night’s sleep. But that’s insane. Plus I haven’t had a full night’s sleep that wasn’t induced, yes legally, since my second year in college (not kidding). And I really don’t like induced sleep. It’s like I’m just awake enough to feel my blood pressure drop. So I don’t do it.

Those women who talk about periods like it’s some great natural gift I think are cracked. Mine are horrible. I feel like Carrie but down below, I have been known to get lightheaded. And the 2nd day, of which is tomorrow are the worst. As in if I could take one day off a month that would be the day. It would be best for everyone.

But I’m not in that situation. I don’t have that luxury. So I have to feel like crap, worry about every time I sit down or get up, Pray I don’t get sick and yet try and act normal.

I am scared tomorrow will be horrible. I am more scared that it will be horrible and I’ll be sick.

This is not how to start something new.


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