I complain a lot about work (though usually just to myself).  But generally it’s a “this part sucked but otherwise things were fine”. And that’s what work is. Even someone with the best job in the world has at least parts of it, I would bet daily, that go craptistically bad.

Yesterday was an entire day that went so badly I went and hid in my car to call my sweetheart who was also at work (I don’t do that because he hates it) and literally cried (he hates that even more).

When I got home from work the day continued to suck (seriously what kind of cosmic happenings were going on yesterday?) so I called my parents to vent. I vented to my best friend. Basically I just needed to wear a sign that said “please give me a hug.”

And I am not a hugger.

When my sweetheart got home I latched onto him like some clingy chick, something I hate and therefore am only such on rare occasions.  He loves that stuff though so today he’s aggravating me with his need for me to be needy but that is another post.

Anyway as I was going through my day, I did realize or I should say really realized just how much my boss appreciates me. My day sucked. But everyone’s day at work sucked. Like should be a tv episode sucked. And my boss not only cared but let me know that what I did to make it less sucky mattered.

I have had all sorts of bosses–wonderful, horrible (oh I have some stories) and in between.

It may sound cliche but it’s not–a good boss can make a world of a difference to how you feel about your job and your role at work.

Even on a sucky day.


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