My job is ever changing.  It’s what happens when you actually get stuff done in a sea of people who…don’t.

Figure this out, show people what to do (so they won’t do it), give people the tools they need to do something (they won’t do even though they should).

I have two (okay more) but two modes that I am going to talk about today.  If I think you’re trying I will do my best to help and protect you–I will send you reminders that I really should not have to.  I will watch you and help you with the goal so that you will grow and do it yourself.

But if your growth doesn’t come, if I don’t see even baby steps, eventually that turns into “Yeah…gives no fuck” mode.  Because that basically means to me that you don’t care about yourself or your well being or your job apparently so why am I going to expend my energy?  It may sound harsh, but I take on too much.   I don’t leave enough for myself.

Until I realize you’re taking up emotional space that I need.

If I am in “Yeah…gives no fuck” mode and your lack of work is effecting MY work, I’ll remind you for MY sake, but I don’t go down with your ship when you refuse to help me paddle.  I move along to the next ship.  Preferably a cruise liner but like the cool ones from the OG Love Boat of the 70s (the 80s sucked).

I am interested to see what happens today.  Looking around my guess is that it’s not going to be good.  Maybe I will be surprised…but really, if not, well…I can tell my boss is at the edge of the rope.

And with very good reason.







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